Big Love, Small Acts (aka Love is… Simple)

I filmed today’s video during one of my morning walks because this month I’ve been talking about love, and my morning walks are one my acts of self-love.

As I’ve said in my other videos this month, showing yourself love makes it a lot easier to give and receive love to other people but sometimes it doesn’t happen because we can make these acts of self-love much BIGGER than they need to be… which can then mean they don’t happen at all. 

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For example, when I first moved out to Westcliff-on-sea from London, I managed to have a few months where I would actually manage to get out walking by the seafront for a full hour. Then life got busy and that hour didn't seem possible or realistic, so I just stopped even though I know that going for a walk really makes a difference to how I feel and how the rest of my day goes.

I realise now that the problem was that I made it way too big by deciding that my walk had to be a whole hour. But when you're really busy that feels overwhelming because it's just another thing on your to-do list. 


An hour’s walk is nice, but a much shorter walk still makes a big impact. So now my walk is generally about half-an-hour but if all I can spare it's 10 minutes I still make that happen by just walking down to the clifftops, taking a few moments to breathe in the sea air and look out to the sea (which always calms me) and then walking home. 


So when people tell you “Oh you have to show yourself love and do the things you love so you feel good” but you just don’t manage to make that happen, that may be because you’re making it too big.

Maybe you feel like you need to meditate for a whole hour or do an hour and a half of yoga every day to make it worthwhile. However, five minutes could be all you need. I remembered this when I was talking to a meditation teacher I know the other week (Louise Reader from The Body Matters in Leigh-on-Sea if you're curious) and Louise was saying that quite often she tells her clients just to get up five minutes earlier and have five minutes of quiet time.

She’ll also suggest different things for different people because what's right for one person isn't necessarily right for someone else. But she gets people to start small depending on the time they have and lifestyle. I do something similar with my Freemind Hypnotherapy clients but Louise inspired me to talk about it. 

So that’s my tip for you today - if you've been putting off those acts of self-love because it feels too much like another big thing on your to-do list, just try something for five or ten minutes.

If you haven't got time to go for a walk, maybe go and stand in the garden for five minutes or sit in the garden (or even on the front garden wall if you haven't got a back garden) with a cup of tea maybe. Or maybe a short 10 minute walk like I do. If you want to move your body or do some yoga you could start with a few simple dynamic stretches or gentle movements just to get your body going.

Those small acts just for a few minutes could make a massive difference to the next 24 hours and how you're feeling. With self- love, the LOVE can be big - you can have full loving intention for yourself - but the actual ACTS of self-love can be small.

It's better that you do something than do nothing at all.  The ripple effect could be huge!

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