Could 2019 be the Year that Changes Everything?

How was 2018 for you?

Are you starting 2019 thinking “I just can't have another year like last year…” and “This year has got to be the year things change!”

Well, what if this year could actually be the year that things change and you didn’t have to keep going on that merry-go-round of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and really want to just get back to feeling like yourself and being excited about life again.

The good news is that there is a way to make that happen!

Watch the video or read more below. 

The key is to overcome three core limiting beliefs which hold people back....


These limiting beliefs are:

  1. I'm not good enough
  2. Something external is the solution to my problem
  3. I am separate and alone in a meaningless universe

These all have such a massive impact on our lives and as far as I can see it's not about if these limiting beliefs are present in our lives but to what extent are they present and impacting our lives. Here’s a little bit more detail

Limiting belief #1: I'm not good enough 

This really embeds itself in early childhood and often stems from a time when we're very young and something happens that makes us realize that our primary caregivers are not perfect. That our parents (or whoever played the parenting role in our lives) they ultimately they can't guarantee our safety.

This might be something simple like they snap or shout at us when we've done something really innocent or interrupted them, they might call us stupid or it might be a lot worse like abuse.

The thing is, when you’re so young and are relying on your parents to pretty much keep you alive, this thought is often too scary to even fathom. So instead of thinking our parents are “bad” or at fault, we decide that we're bad, that we're not good enough in some way or that whatever happened was our fault. Because this is less scary than the idea that our parents are not perfect and might not be able to keep us perfectly safe.

This belief can stay with us throughout our lives making us repeat self-sabotaging and negative behaviours because when you hold onto a belief that strong, our subconscious will do it’s best to prove us right (the ego loves to be right!)

Limiting belief #2: Something external is the solution 

What if 2019 could be the year that changes everything

Technically we know that looking for happiness in the material world won’t work, but we tend to think we won’t be happy until we have that car, this house, or those slimmer thighs.

This is also really common if you're a bit of a seeker (like me). When you begin a spiritual journey or become familiar with principles like the law of attraction, positive thinking, affirmations and other popular positive psychology tools, then we can end up looking for what we need outside ourselves.  You can end up looking for the solution externally - whether through crystals or a specific guru or teacher, or buying book after book or course after course. It’s not that those things aren't useful but if you rely too much on those external things, you can forget that actually the key is in you. You have all the resources within your Self to actually live a life you truly love.

Limiting belief #3: I’m separate and alone in a meaningless universe 

This can arise from that moment when you feel unsafe as a child, if you experience lots of hardships, or you see things happening in the outside world that make you question what kind of God or universe would allow bad things to happen?”

It can really leave you with this kind of deep-seated fear that stops you really feeling joy, going for what you want, and enjoying life. However, if you can remember your interconnectedness with the universe, with the people around you, and with that spark inside you that is really your truth - your source - then you can dissolve a lot of that fear and the negative beliefs and behaviours.  

Here's how to make 2019 the year that changes everything...

By making it your focus this year to work on a combination of those beliefs, work out which are having the biggest impact in your life, you can begin dissolving the associated behaviours and begin to move on and live your best life. Making 2019 the year that everything changes!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, feeling stuck in your life, and you really want to get back to feeling yourself, being excited by life again and want to end 2019 thinking “Yep, this was the year that things changed and I really began to love life again” then I'd love to hear from you.

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