How (and Why) to Love your Inner Child

I continue this month's theme of Love with a video about how (and why) to love your "Inner Child". 

This is about showing love to that young part of you that didn’t get the love that it may have needed at an earlier time of your life... because this will be having an impact on you as an adult (even if you feel you had a good childhood.) 

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This might have been in a situation where there was trauma or abuse, or it may be something that now seems like it's merely a mild disappointment but - at the time - the young you found it really quite traumatic e.g. a parent snapping at you or dismissing your, not getting the grades you wanted, being told you were bad at sports or maths (and I could go on).

This young part of you needs a bit of loving because at the time they didn’t get what they needed to feel safe and happy... until they get this love, it can stop you feeling truly safe and happy as an adult, which keeps you stuck and/or overwhelmed.


Why is Inner-Child Work Important? 

This is important because when these things happen as children, a subconscious part of us gets "stuck" in time, and never quite moves on. Meaning that you never quite move on (whether you know it or not) and get stuck in various aspects of your life.

As an adult, this might look like self-sabotage, beliefs that you're not good enough, the belief that you're bad at maths being reflected in how you handle money, thinking you're not good at sport so don’t exercise... it can show up in all sorts of ways. Do any of these ring a bell? 

How (and why) to show Love to your Inner Child

How does Inner-Child Work, work? 

It can be as simple as imagining this young part of you and, in your mind, showing it some love.

This might look like imagining yourself giving them a hug, playing games, colouring, paddling on the beach, riding a bike in the park - whatever it might need so that it feels happy, safe and loved.

You can do either or both of two things: ​

  1. Imagine it happening as if you’re doing it right now - get yourself in a place where you can be undisturbed, take a few slow deep breaths to get yourself relaxed, then let your imagination do the rest. ​
  2. Actually go and DO something that your young self would have loved and imagine it's your inner-child doing them, or that your bringing her/him along for the ride. These “playdates” - whether real or imaginary help you feel calmer because that young part of you feels safe, which means a part of YOU feels safe. 

I can promise you this s/he's waiting for you! 

One note - You might want some support...

You might feel you need support because this can bring up strong unresolved emotions from childhood. It's something I often support my clients through because it's so powerful.

But don't let that put you off! I've found inner-child work using Freemind Hypnotherapy to be one of the most powerful things I’ve done on my own journey. And once I learnt how it works, I was able to "top myself up" in my own time - though I still like to have a session with a skilled colleague! 

If you feel like you would like support and guidance through the process I'd be delighted to offer you a free Discovery Session to explore where you are now, and the best next steps to help you get unstuck.

Show Yourself some Love: Book a Free Discovery Session

As a Freemind Hypnotherapist and Facilitator I am dedicated to helping my clients to go from stuck, overwhelmed and self-sabotaging to loving loving life, and themselves, fully.

So if you went into this year thinking “I just can’t have another year like last year” and are now thinking “I can’t believe it’s February already – where is the year going!?” then get in touch to book a discovery call to explore where you’re at, how you got here, and what shifts you need to make to move forward and start loving life again.

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I'd Love To Hear From You...

Have you done this kind of work before?  If you try the exercises above, please do let me know how you get on! I always love hearing from you, so please share your thoughts in the comments box below.