How To Love What You Do

Do you REALLY Love What You Do?  If you're a modern professional or business owner doing that thing you always thought you wanted to do, or living what any onlooker would think was the perfect life, you might automatically answer, “Yes, of course I love what I do!”

But sometimes we say that because we think we should rather than because we are actually loving it. After all, if you don’t love what you do then what’s the point of pursuing goals, and having a career/business, or a beautiful home, or (insert life goal here.)

How to love what you do

The thing is, I hear a lot of people say all the "right" things about how much they love what they do but at the same time they are really overwhelmed, stressed out all the time and constantly operating on the brink of burnout.

I don’t believe that’s what loving what you do should be, so if that sounds familiar – and you’re even feeling a bit guilty about it – here are 7 tips just for you...


7 Ways To Love What You Do

#1 - Do What You Love

When you start your business or career, you might think you will get to spend all day coaching, mentoring, healing, therapizing, consulting, designing, creating, strategizing or doing whatever it is you got into business to do. But often you end up doing a lot more than than - much of which you might not enjoy that much.

If you're a professional climbing the career ladder you might move away from the hands on work you first loved doing towards more managerial and strategic work. And if you've left the corporate world to be your own boss, you also end up being your own head of operations, marketing, finance, research and development, production, purchasing, human resources, office dogsbodying, and whatever other company function you can think of. 

This means that you can end up spending a lot less time than you ever thought you would actually doing the thing you love and it can almost seem like the other stuff takes over completely. So think about how you can reconnect with the things you really love and start doing more of it.

#2 – Don’t Do What You Don’t Love

So you might be thinking, “Well that’s a nice idea, Sara. But that’s easier said than done.” Maybe I'm a bit optimistic, but why not? ​

In order to allow you to spend as much time as possible doing what you love, you want to minimise the amount of time you spend doing what you don’t love. Work out what tasks and activities that are non-essential or could be done by someone else so that you can ditch, decrease or delegate them. That way you spend less time on things you don't love and free up more time for the things you do love. 

#3 – Love Yourself (part 1)

This might feel like the current catch-phrase of the personal development world, but it’s for a good reason. Love yourself in a very practical way - looking after yourself, getting enough sleep, nourishing yourself with healthy food, drinking plenty of water, moving your body, and whatever else makes your body feels good.

In the words of Tony Robbins, “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” And I would also add that you’ll also have a lot more fun, which is an enormous part of loving what you. 

#4 – Love Yourself (part 2)

As well as showing yourself love in practical terms, that needs to extend to how you feel about yourself so that you value yourself and your work. This is about real self-worth. If you don’t do this, it becomes very hard to convince other people to value you… which has all sorts of implications for your business, career, finances, relationships, and general wellbeing.

I highly recommend the Freemind System to help with this one. 

#5 Give Yourself A Break 

Literally and metaphorically speaking. If you're really hard on yourself, expecting more than you ever would from anyone else, then that can make even work you love feel like a punishment - because nothing you do will be good enough by your own standards.

Even if you love what you do, you need to take a break to replenish your energy, recharge your mental, emotional and physical batteries, and get some perspective on your business. This includes having breaks throughout your day, not working over the weekend, having a longer weekend now and then and some longer holidays throughout the year. 

#6 – Be On Purpose

Staying focused on your purpose will help to remind you why you do what you do… because there will be times when you need to do some of the things you don’t love so much, or work hard to bring a project to completion.

If you keep reconnecting with your purpose, your Big Why, the mission of your business, or even just how you want to feel, this will help you stay on track until you get back to doing what you love. And if you're not sure what that purpose is... just decide on a key value (e.g. love, joy, happiness) and focus on that. A good question to ask yourself is "What would love do?" (a frequent answer I get to this question is "Have a bubble bath!"

#7 – Redefine Success For Yourself

The traditional definition of success is about how much money, achievements and "stuff" you can rack up over the course of your life. We all know that's not the key to happiness but have been conditioned to believe that's the only way. If you create your own definition of success and focus on what is most important to you, you'll be much happier... whatever you're doing.  

I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a fun, fulfilling, life and that we're all able to enjoy some magic in our everyday lives. But this can sometimes take a huge mindset shift because it's the opposite to what we've been told all our lives. If you would like to make the shift to experiencing more everyday magic and rediscover your inner sparkle, get in touch here

Over to you...

Do you love what you do? Or is this something you want to experience more of? How do you bring magic to your everyday work and play? I love to read your tips, tricks and insights, so please share in the comments box below.


  • Vivien Fox says:

    A great blog. Makes you think about al the thingsl that being a business person entails. Self-care is so important. Thank you

    • Sara Louise Fox says:

      Thanks Vivien. It may feel an overused phrase but it’s true that if you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after everyone else.

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