Re-write Your Story (2): How to Shine

Storytelling Day (26th January) actually kicked off Storytelling Week, so I thought I'd continue the theme of re-writing your story.

Last week I spoke about the stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we take on throughout our lives. And last week I had the privilege of spending four days at an event called SHINE, run by Tom Fortes Mayer, the creator of The Freemind Project and my hypnotherapy teacher. For me SHINE was an an opportunity to edit some of the stories I had been telling myself so that I can start 2019 as I mean to go on. 

Re-write Your Story (2): Learn to Shine

During my time at SHINE I went Live on Facebook to share a few of my insights from the course. In the Facebook Lives (or the blog below if you prefer to read) I share one thing you can do to help you to re-write your story, one way to align your life with your beliefs, and some ideas for to making the journey fun. 


Watch the replays of my Live videos below (ordered from left to right) or scroll down to read the blog.

A tale of transformation: The Columbia Hotel

This transformational event took place at the Columbia Hotel in London, which has it's own history of transformation.

In the 60s/70s this was the hotel where the big rock stars had wild after parties and threw TVs out of the window. Now, it's still a family owned hotel, and they are really passionate about transformation and personal development, and lots of spiritual and wellbeing related events are hosted there. So it's gone from a hub of hedonism to a hub of transformation. 

I like to see this mini tale of transformation as symbolic of the individual transformations that now take place within the walls of the hotel - from mini-shifts to life-changing revelations. 

When you choose your story, you can use your story

I've said in previous videos/blogs that doing the inner work is essential to making the transformations you need to make to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. One of the things that stuck with me from the first day of SHINE was Tom saying... "When you choose your story, you can use your story."

You can't change what's happened in your past, but you can change what you make it mean. Like I said in last week's video about re-writing your story, the things that happened when we were children have an impact on our adult life based on what we make those events mean about us, about our lives, and about life and the world in general. This is whether it's something seemingly innocent such as a parent dismissing you or snapping at you because they are tired, or outright abuse. With the latter it can seem easier said than done, but it is possible (and no it doesn't justify what anyone has done to you, but it does change how it affects your life now).

You can't help the decisions you made at that young age, but you can "re-parent" yourself so that you can change what those events mean in your life now.  Inner-child work is the main tool I use to do this with my clients. Some people really don't want to do this bit of the work because it can mean confronting some quite painful memories and emotions. But by allowing yourself to feel those emotions (essentially choosing them) then all the positive thinking, affirmations, and other tools that you might use to transform your mindset will have a greater and longer lasting impact.

The more you believe you are blessed, the more blessed you become

You may already believe in principle - and at a conscious level - that you are blessed, that you're grateful for life and everything that has happened to you, and that you've forgiven this person or that situation. However, there can be a small, younger, subconscious part of you that hasn't quite caught up, so you need to bring them along for the ride.

So even if you think you've done the mindset work on a particular situation, event or behaviour, you may find yourself repeating old patterns, and unhealthy behaviours so that your outside world doesn't quite match up to these positive thoughts you have at a conscious level. This can show up as self-sabotage or in your emotional and mental health, for example, trying to avoid long held emotions with food, drugs or alcohol, or feeling unhappy, emotional or even depressed but not knowing why.

This is another reason for doing the inner-word described above, so that ALL parts of you are in alignment with the positive beliefs, gratitude and forgiveness that will take the burden off you in this life.

But there is good news....

The journey can be fun

Yes, there might be some deep work to do and more than a few tears but the journey can also be fun. Some of the key ways we experienced this at SHINE was through the power of music, community, and permission.

At SHINE, as with all Tom's events, music played an essential role throughout. Making the whole experience more fun and a multi-sensory experience.

At the same time we were in a room with other people all at different stages of their own journey who were willing to accept everyone else in the room exactly where they were at and to believe in each other while we were all learning to fully believe in ourselves. The hugs and laughter were what made SHINE special and real connections were made.

Finally, giving yourself permission to be where you're at right now, to go at your own pace, and to trust that you're exactly where you need to be to get where you're meant to go, takes a whole lot of pressure off. At SHINE we were all at different stages - some people had huge "aha" moments while some were just starting to get access to why they had previously been unable to move forward. It became pointless trying to compare our journeys because each was unique as the person it belonged to.

Want to come to SHINE next year? 

If you've been reading this and thinking aaaahhhh, I wish I had been there! Then don't worry, SHINE happens every January. So, if you think you'd like to come next year, just email me and ask me to keep you posted when next year's event dates are announced, and I'd be happy to get in touch. 

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