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Sara Louise Fox - Freemind Hypnotherapist
Experience the magic of regular Freemind Hypnotherapy over a period of time and have someone to be there for you while as you take that rediscovered "inner sparkle" out into your world. 
Yes, hypnotherapy works - and it can work FAST - but I believe that this work has the biggest long-term impact when you are applying it over a period of time.

My mission is to help you to enjoy real, lasting, transformation, that's why I work with my clients for at least 4 weeks so that I can be there for you as you rediscover that "inner sparkle" and begin to create your own everyday magic in the world.
I'd love to work with you, keep reading for more details of how I work. 
Sara x 

3 Levels of Working with Me. 

Your investment starts at £295 for the 4-session package.

4 Sessions

You'll enjoy four weekly sessions where we will focus on identifying the core beliefs that are holding you back, and coming to peace with the past so that you get the mindset shift you need to start enjoying a more positive experience in your day to day life. 

This includes: 

  • 4 sessions in-person Online or in Westcliff-on-sea, Essex (ideally weekly but to be used within 6 weeks or less). 
  • All sessions are 90-minutes long so that you can get everything you need from the session.

3 Months

You'll enjoy the 1 month experience followed by three months of fortnightly sessions so that you can enjoy continued shifts and ongoing support as you make changes in your everyday life. 

This includes: 

  • Month 1: 4 weekly sessions to get you making shifts quickly (Online or in Westcliff-on-sea, Essex.)
  • Month 2 & 3: Fortnightly sessions to keep you on track 
  • Email/Text/WhatsApp support between sessions (working hours apply)

6 Months VIP

You'll enjoy a full day with me at the start of our work together where we'll create big shifts quickly. Followed by fortnightly sessions for three months. You'll also have access to me for email/phone support between sessions. 

This includes: 

  • 1 "VIP day" at the start of your programme to take a deep dive and make big shifts quickly
  • Followed by fortnightly sessions over the course of the 6 months (Online or in Westcliff-on-sea, Essex.)
  • Email/Text/WhatsApp support between sessions (working hours apply)
  • 3x 30 minute "Emergency" phone sessions to take at any point within the 6 months in case of an "emotional emergency"

During our work together
we'll work through the
3 Freemind Pillars
of Success & Happiness

You'll find a visual summary of the Freemind Pillars here but through our work together we'll be exploring the three core beliefs that are likely to be at the heart of your disillusion, dissatisfation, or "stuckness." These are: 

  1. I am not (good) enough.
  2. Something external is the solution.
  3. I am separate and alone in a meaningless universe. 

The 3 pillars are a tool to help you explore where these beliefs come from, dissolve the negative behaviour patterns that they are causing, and reconnect you to your sense of purpose. 

The 3 Freemind Pillars of Success and Happiness
The 3 Freemind Pillars of Success and Happiness
Sara Louise Fox - Freemind Hypnotherapist

Book your free Discovery Session

Of course you probably want to know a bit more before committing to a programme of sessions. So I'd love to offer you a free Discovery Session to help you to get to know me and the way I work, get clear on the biggest priority area for you to work on right now, and begin to connect in with that "inner sparkle" and remember what it feels like. 

YOU have everything you need inside yourself - you may just need a bit of help to rediscover that "inner sparkle" and to bring that out into the world. 
If you'd like some help to do that, click below to book your FREE Discovery Session to see if working with me would work for you. 
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